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Awareness of Knowledge and Experience in Color Selection Using Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

Awareness of Knowledge and Experience in Color Selection Using Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

Doğu Furkan KAYA , Şebnem Begüm TÜRKER

Marmara University,Faculty of Dentistry,Department of Prosthodontics,Istanbul,Turkey


The aim study was to evaluate examine the perspective of artificial intelligence technology,visual and digital color selection methods, dentists' attitudes and artificial intelligence to assess whether they are aware of the relevant developments.

Material Method:

Specialist dentists, dentists, Phd and specialist dentist student were sparticipated in to the study.The surveys in which all questions were answered were included to the study.SPSS V23 program,and chi-square test were used for statistical to evaluate the datas.(p<0.05). Results: 34.4% of the participants were male and 65.6% were female(n=128).While 96.9% of the participants use the visual technique in color selection, none of the participants use artificial intelligence. 70.4% of the participants's patients are more satisfied with the color selection made using digital systems. 81.3 percent of the participants do not have knowledge about the use of artificial intelligence in dentistry.While 87.1% of the participants stated that they would prefer color selection with artificial intelligence, they could not prefer it due to high cost and insufficient technology.90.3% of the participants remarked that color selection with artificial intelligence is comfortable and artificial intelligence will become more popular in the future. Conclusion: In the limitation of twis study.Howewer while most of the participants want to use artificial intelligence in color selection, they do not use artificial intelligence due to reasons such as high cost, insufficient technology and data error margin. Key Word: Artificial intelligence, color matching, digital dentistry

Doğu Furkan Kaya


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