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Evaluation of Dentists’ Perspective on the Use of Digital Impressions during Contruction of Complete Dentures

Purpose: The aim of the complete dentures was to restore the function, phonation and aesthetics of the patients who missed all of their teeth. Different conventional impression techniques could be used to contstuct the complete dentures. Nowadays, digital techniques are also used as an alternative to conventional systems in complete dentures The aim of this study was to evaluate the perspectives of dentists on the use of digital impressions during contrution of complete dentures.

Material Method: A questionnaire was prepared for specialist dentists, dentists and dental students. Ethical approval was received. An electronic questionnaire will consist of 25 questions. The SPSS V23 program was used for the statistical analysis. The conformity of the datas to the normal distribution was checked with the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. Chi-square test was used for datas analysis.

Result: 47.5% of the participants were dental students, 40.4% were dentists, and 12.1% were specialist dentists. 53.5% of the participants had information about digital approaches in dentistry and 92.9% of them were not informed about the developments in digital impression systems used for complete dentures. 68.7% of the participants prefered digital systems in the impression stage of prosthetic treatments, but 99% of them had not used digital systems in impression stage of the complete dentures before. 84.8% of the participants wants to improve themselves about using digital impression in complete dentures.

Conclusion: In the limitations of this study, dentists who participate to this study did not have sufficient knowledge and observation about the use of digital impressions in complete dentures, but they thought that digital impressions could be preferred in various indications during the impression stage of complete dentures and will become widespread in the future.

Zeliha Taştan

Şebnem Begüm Türker


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