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The Dentists’ Awareness of Information and Experience About the Digital Partial Dentures

Purpose: Some problems on design and production stage during the construction of conventional partial removable dentures could be solved with today's technology. The purpose of this study was to examine the awareness and attitudes of dentists towards the production of removable partial dentures by digital methods.

Material Method: Electronic survey system was run for this study. The survey includes 26 questions whose respondents were specialist dentists, dentists and dental students including the clinical application. Ethical approval was received. SPSS V23 software program was used for the statistical analysis. Kolmogorov- Smirnov parametric test, and Chi-Square test were used to analyze the datas. (p<0,05).

Results: 54.1% of the particiants were dentist, 28.4% were specialist dentist and 17.4% dental student including the clinical application (n=110). Although half of the participants were had information about digital dentistry, 87,2 of the participants were had any information about the development in digital partial dentures facility. 68% of the participants did not have a CAD/CAM device in their clinic. 80.2% of the participants were prefered CAD-CAM devices due to time saving advantages. Frequently, dentists prefered used digital framework for the fixed partial denture design as an inley/onley restoration. While 52.6% of the participants produced removable partial dentures with conventional methods in 4-5 sessions, 72.8% of the participants reported that they would be produced with digital methods in 2-3 sessions. 96.5% of the participants had any experienced with digital partial dentures design and manufacturing.

Conclusion: The groups showed a similar attitude and level of awareness in terms of the parameters evaluated in the study. In general, the participants wanted to have some information about the production technique of digitally manufactured removable partial dentures.

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