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Implant-supported overdenture rehabilitated with dynamic protocol: Case Report

Complete dentures are often used in the prosthetic treatment of edentulous patients. However, it has disadvantages such as lack of retention and stability, continued alveolar bone resorption, inadequate chewing function, speech difficulties and lack of self-confidence in social situations. With the developing technology, the changing design and clinical applicability of dental implants have changed the routine prosthetic protocols of clinicians. Total dentures, which have been the only treatment option for edentulous patients for years, have been replaced by implant-supported prosthetic applications in most of the cases. The long-term clinical success of implant-supported prosthetic applications depends on many criteria. In terms of prosthetics, the secret of this success is closely related to occlusion, according to many authorities. In this case report, individual characterization of red and white aesthetics and dynamic reconstruction protocol with the acquisition of dynamic data of the joint will be explained step by step. The red and white aesthetics created shortened the adaptation period of the patient to the prosthesis, and the orientation plane designed with the guidance of the condylar path slope made it possible to obtain bilaterally balanced occlusion. The obtained dynamic equilibrium prolonged the deformation processes of the locator plastics. The purpose of this case report is to contribute to the literature.

Taner Türkay
Selçuk Üniversitesi Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi


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