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Effect of Viscosity of Intermedium on the Retention of Double Crowns

Purpose: The aim of the study is to evaluate the effect of intermedium viscosity on the retention force of double crowns with different retention mechanisms and materials. Materials and Methods: Double crowns, which have a conus angle of 2° were fabricated from material couples of zirconia-electroformed gold (ZG), PEEK-PEEK (PP), PEEK-PEEK with an occlusal gap between the primary and secondary crown (PP-gap), zirconia-PEEK (ZP), zirconia-PEEK with an occlusal gap between the primary and secondary crown (ZP-gap). The intermedium between the primary crown and secondary crown was filled with fluids of various viscosities (1,50,100,350,1000 cSt) and the retention forces were evaluated by a universal testing machine with a crosshead speed of 20 mm/min after a seating force of 50 N was applied. Results: PP-gap group displayed the highest retention forces for all viscosities among other groups (35,73N for 1 cSt, 23,7N for 1000 cST). Viscosity variations did not cause any significant differences in retention except 1000cSt. 1000 cSt viscosity caused a significant decrease in retention force for PP-gap and ZP-gap groups. Conclusion: Viscosity of 1000 cSt caused a decrease in retention due to inhibited seating of secondary crown on primary crown especially for the groups having an occlusal gap. Smaller values of viscosity did not change the retention.

Işıl Turp
Bezmialem Vakif University


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