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Socket-shield technique in the esthetic zone : A series of three case reports

Purpose : Alveolar bone resorption after dental extraction frequently leads to situations in which long-term function and esthetic success of rehabilitations with dental implants is a challenge. Socket-shield has been described as an alternative technique to maintain the alveolar ridge when placing immediate implants. The aim of these series of case reports is to evaluate the medium and long-term clinical outcomes of the socket-shield technique. Material and Methods : This case report represents 3 patients with incisors indicated for extraction replaced with an immediate implant. While examining cone-beam computed tomography, thin buccal cortical plate was noticed which may get fractured during extraction. Socket-shield technique was designed for implant placement to protect buccal bone and to get the proper esthetic form. One millimeter of buccal fragment of the tooth was kept attached and the implant was placed in contact with tooth fragment. Results : All implants were osseointegrated without any histologic inflammatory reaction and the tooth fragment was devoid of any resorptional processes. On the buccal side, the tooth fragment was attached to the buccal bone plate by a physiologic periodontal ligament. On the lingual side of the fragment, newly formed cementum was demonstrated directly on the implant surface. Conclusion : The follow-ups of the three patients show proper healing and healthy peri-implant tissue shows that socket-shield technique with immediate implant placement will be a good alternative to preserve buccal cortical plate, especially in the esthetic area. Keywords : Immediate implant, ridge preservation, socket-shield technique

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