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Radiographic Assessment of Alveolar Bone Resorption in Mandibular Edentulous Patients Rehabilitated with Different Treatment Procedures: Pilot Study

Purpose: This study was performed to evaluate and compare the amount of alveolar bone resorption from three different reference points in edentulous mandible treated with conventional complete dentures or interforaminal two-implant supported overdentures. Materials and Methods: Panoramic radiographs (OPTG) with average 2,5 years in between of patients treated with 10 conventional complete dentures (CD) and 10 interforaminal two-implant supported overdentures (OD) evaluated by MediaDent Data V6 imaging software programme (Roswell, Georgia, USA). 20 edentulous patients (12 women, 8 men), average age of 63, who met our study criteria were included in our study. Vertical bone heights in both OPTGs were measured according to the method of Xie et al. Thus, amount of alveolar bone resorption was calculated in anterior, premolar and molar regions. Results: The mean alveolar bone resorption by region for CD and OD groups respectively was 2.19 and 2,20 in anterior, 3.69 and 2,23 in premolar, 2.51 and 1,61 in molar regions. Only statistically significant difference was found in CD group between anterior and premolar regions. The mean alveolar bone resorption in woman and men respectively was 1.86 and 2,7 in anterior, 2.06 and 4,31 in premolar, 1.89 and 2,31 in molar regions. There was no gender based statistically significant difference in alveolar bone resorption. Conclusion: There are limited number of studies evaluating alveolar bone resorption with Xie et al method. This retrospective study has many limitations such as OPTG standardization, elimination of artefacts, and the difficulty of having two different OPTGs in the archive obtained during routine controls. For this reason, further researches with larger patient group have to be done.

Berceste Polat Akmansoy
Marmara University


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