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Dentist’s Awareness of Covid-19 Disease and Their Approach to Prosthetic Treatments

Purpose: The aim of this study is to evaluate the awareness of dentists against Covid-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) and their approaches to prosthetic treatments.

Material Method

Specialist dentists, dentists and dental students sparticipated in the study..The study in which the electronic survey system was used was carried out in October 2021, and the surveys in which all questions were answered were included in the study. SPSS V23 program and chi-square test were used in the analysis of the obtained data (p<0.05).

Result: 36.4% of the participants were male and 63.6% were female (n=163). 83.2% of the participants did not have the covid-19 disease (n=134). Only 3.1% of participants who have had the covid-19 disease think that they caught the disease from the work environment (n=5). Although the survival time of the virus in the aerosol is 3 hours, 41,3% of the participants know it as 6 hours. Although the most effective method for disinfection of the working environment is ventilation and the use of hypochlorous acid, only 14.1% of the participants use this method, 34.4% of the participants use ventilation and disinfection with hypochlorite. 86.4% of the participants continue to treat their patients as usual, using their protective equipment. The most risky procedures in terms of covid-19 transmission were restorative procedures. Tooth preparation is the most risky among prosthetic procedures in terms of covid-19 transmission. Cementation procedures are the least risky in terms of covid-19 transmission. 69.3% of the participants think to continue the protection procedures they applied during the covid-19 period.


The groups showed a similar attitude and level of awareness in terms of the parameters evaluated in the study. However, in order to control the COVID-19 transmission and process, the knowledge and awareness of dentists need to be updated.


Şebnem Begüm Türker


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