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Finite Element Stress Analysis of Marginal Bone Loss in Anterior Implant

Purpose: The aim of this study is to evaluate the stress values of different abutment and superstructure materials in bone, implant, abutment and crown by using finite element analysis in implants with 2 mm marginal bone loss. In the study; It was aimed to evaluate the tensile stresses, compression and Von Mises stresses in cortical bone, trabecular bone, implants and abutments and infrastructures in a total of 8 models. Materials and Methods: In the study, oblique and horizontal force was applied 2 different scenarios on a single implant to the right central tooth region of the upper jaw and stress distributions occurring in the implant, abutment, bone tissue and crown were performed with three-dimensional finite element stress analysis in each modeling. In scenario 1 implant was osseointegrated and in scenario 2, the marginal bone loss as 2 mm in the neck area of the implant was modeled; titanium and zirconia abutments and feldspatic porcelain with zirconia substructure analysis were performed. Results: The stress values of the horizontal force in each model were higher than the oblique forces in the abutment, implant and bone. In each model; The stress values resulting from both oblique force and horizontal force were listed as abutment, implant, cortical bone and trabecular bone, from largest to smallest. In implant models with marginal bone loss, the maximum principal stress was high in the cortical bone, in both the titanium abutment and the zirconium abutment. Conclusion: Regardless of marginal bone loss; stress differences caused by material change of titanium and zirconia abutments were similar between models when both oblique force and horizontal force were applied. Although the stress values did not change under horizontal loading in the models with marginal bone loss, it was observed that the stress areas increased.

Begüm Karademir
Okan University

Ayşe Koçak Büyükdere
Kocaeli University


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