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Fabrication of an All-on-four Prosthesis by Full Digital Workflow

Purpose: The aim of this clinical report is to describe the use of the intraoral digital impression system as a reliable technique to record the entire procedure of an all-on-four prosthesis fabrication. Material and Method: A 48 year-old applied to our department with aesthetic and function releated problems of his teeth. Due to radiographic and intra-oral examinations, extraction of all the teeth was decided and all-on-four prosthesis was indicated for both upper and lower jaws. Four implants were inserted in each jaw according to the all-on-four surgery protocol. Three months after the surgery, intra-oral digital impressions were made followed by digital recording of centric relation and vertical dimension of occlusion by using wax rims and PMMA based bars retained to multiunit abutmants. According to the digitally taken intra-oral records, esthetic trials were completed with PMMA based teeth. Finally, the upper and lower all-on-four prosthesis was fabricated with toronto design pekkton framework and zirconia crowns. Results: All-on-four full mouth rehabilitation of the patient was completed meeting the patient’s aesthetic expectations and functional needs by the application of full digital work flow procedures. Conclusion: During 9 months follow up period, the patient was recalled quarterly. Significant improvement in the esthetics, phonetics and masticatory function have increased patient’s self-confidence. There were no complications associated with the all-on-four prosthesis and the patient satisfaction was extremely high.

Medipol University, School of Dentistry


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