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Achieving an Aesthetic Smile by Taking Advantage of Digital Technology: A Case Report

Purpose: This clinical case describes the prosthetic rehabilitation with digital smile design of a patient who lost self-confidence as a result of an unsuccessful orthodontic treatment. Material-method: A patient with complications such as the defects, devitalization, discoloration in the upper anterior teeth after orthodontic treatment was reffered to us. As a result, the patient hesitated to smile. In this case the esthetic restorative plan involved internal bleaching, fiber post and core fabrication followed by ceramic crowns and laminates designed with the CEREC Smile Design Technique was anatomically shaped by using patient’s photo. Results: The resultant appearance was highly satisfactory for the patient. The digital smile technique has shown many positive aspects that make easier prosthetic workflow and produce highly aesthetic restorations in a single visit. Conclusion: Using comprehensive approach to treatment planning of esthetic cases and selection criteria for restorations designed with digital smile design technique can help to achieve an ideal smile.

kader tatar
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ribaz kakai

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