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Establishing an Emergence Profile in Anterior Region Implant Supported Restoration: Case Report

Establishing an Emergence Profile in Anterior Region Implant Supported Restoration: Case Report

Hatice Bengin Bayram1, İpek Çıklaçifci1 Haluk Barış Kara1

1-Istanbul Medipol University


Emergence profile design is important for stable peri-implant tissues and aesthetically pleasing results in dental implant restorations which are influenced by factors, such as, implant position and surrounding soft tissues. The proper design of the emergence profile for the restoration is important to achive estetik result and maintain the health periimplant tissues. The case report focuses on creating aesthetic emergencey profile which is difficult to create anterior region, step by step with provisional restorations.

Material Methods:

Our 32-year-old male patient, who lost his anterior central teeth as a result of trauma, came to our clinic for implantation. 4.1 x 10mm implants (BEGO Implant Systems GmbH & Go) had placed. Three months later after osseointegration was completed, we examined the patient for the first time in our phrostodontics department with gingivaformers. Since the mesiodistal distance was too wide, the decision was made to gradually expand, and first-stage temporary restorations with peek temporary abutments were applied to our patient. The final temporary restoration was obtained by expanding the temporary restoration with composite every two weeks. 4 weeks later the impression taken by transferring it to the impression post with the final temporary with Hinds method. Customaized zirconium abutment design with ti base in digital. Final zirconium restoration was cemented to the abutment.


In this case, despite the patient's wide mesiodistal distance, an aesthetic emergency profile was created and the tissues around the implant were supported.


Capturing the natural emergence profile in the anterior aesthetic region allows for more aesthetic and biologically stable restorations.

Hatice Bengin Bayram
Istanbul Medipol University

İpek Çıklaçifci
Istanbul Medipol Unıversity

Haluk Barış Kara
Istanbul Medipol University


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