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Proper forming of soft tissue emergency profile with peek abutment for canine teeth: a case report



İmplant supported prothesis is an evolution in dentistry that resulted tremendous progress in esthetic outcomes. However still there is a challenge on emerge profile. Standart gingival formers dont give customize emerge of tooth and resulted in unsufficent interproximal soft tissue and unsufficent esthetic. The purpose of this case is explain why it is important to form proper emergence profile and how to make gingival forming with provisional restoration.

Material methods:

26-year-old male patient who lost his two canines administred our clinic. Patient extracted his canines due to periodontal disease. After periodontal treatment two 3x3 diameter implant (Straumann Implant systems) planned. after osseointegration soft tissue forming decided for esthetic reasons. Gingival forming done with provisional restoration which is fabricated with peek abutment, flowable composite and silicon form index. Patient followed every week and forming abutment adjusted gradually. After forming is complete customize impression post made by Hinds teqnique and impression is taken. For permanent abutment customize zirconium abutment with ti-base made and finished with crown made from zirconium.


Clinical results both esthetic and function was satisfactory. On controls of 1 month and 3 month follow-up sessions, restorations were aesthetically, biologically and funtionally stable.


Proper emergence profile design is essential to enable appropriate esthetic outcomes and maintain peri implant health.

İpek Çıklaçifci
İstanbul Medipol University

İclal Sena Bayram
İstanbul Medipol University

Haluk Barış Kara
Istanbul Medipol University


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